HOW TO: GIF's! or moving photos. or whatever using PHHHOTO

ugh! i would find this app at the end of its light. 
its actually no longer an app anymore since July 2017.
so this post is now useless. lololol 

let me preface this with: I'm SUPER, PRETTY, POSITIVELY, 97% sure that there is an even easier way to do this. 
BUT i haven't found a single way that has worked for me (and i have absolutely no knowledge in the photoshop world whatsoever!) soooo, that's why i'm writing this. 

whenever I've googled how to's, its led me to apps that work great to make gifs on my phone but once i try to share them on ig (or anywhere), it stays on the one picture rendering it useless for me. 
I've googled other ways but nothing has worked for me. i don't really have tech-savvy people around me so it's not like i can ask. and I'm more of a visual learner so even reading how to's online are a hot mess. and i mean, where can i take a class? (besides like college or whatever)

so then yesterday, i don't know why, i decided to try and share a photo from my phhhoto account to see if it worked just like that. 
and....., it didn't. 
it didn't attach a picture but it gave me a link. 
so i hit save and went from there. 

anyway...., here's a step by step cause i tried explaining it earlier and I'm not sure it made a lot of sense. 
you go to the app and click the little arrow facing upwards and then you get a menu on where you can share it. 
you click blogger (not sure if it'll work on other blogging sites BUT! if you email it to yourself, you can essentially do the same thing which is, saving it on your desktop so you can upload it) and just save it so it's saved on your drafts and you can finish your posts off on your computer later. 

if you want to do multiples, i suggest sending it to memo so you can just copy all of the links at once instead of doing it one by one.
well, the code you emailed yourself anyway...
click the little download logo and it'll open the picture up for you. 
right click the picture and you save your image. 
all you have to do is rename it so you can find it on your computer later. 

and that's it. (that was easier than i thought) 
once you save it, you can go to your draft on blogger and just upload the pic and you end up with a moving photo like up above. 

it seems pretty simple but honestly, i just figured it out yesterday. 
I'd been wanting to post gif like pictures but i wasn't able to because i didn't know how and then yesterday, i caught a lucky break. 

UPDATE: before i even posted the post .______. if you have the phhhoto saved on your phone (like after you already posted it on the app), you can skip all this and just send it to a draft straight from your phone. i just found that out lol. it'll load as a plain picture but when you open up your draft on a computer, it'll do it's little dance. i can definitely see this route working WAY better if its only maybe like 1 or 2 pics that you're uploading. from personal experience, if it's more you're uploading, i recommend the way i mentioned. only because i think it'll lag uploading. you have no idea how many pending posts i have on my blogger app because i didn't have proper Internet or wi-fi to complete the job.

and now that i know how to do this, i might share a couple of my favorite phhhoto pics! 

i'm pretty sure that phhhoto is (or was?) popular so i don't need to talk it up but i like it cause it has all sorts of random filters. i think every time they release a new one you can try it out for free. otherwise, you can buy them...but its pretty cool for me right now for what i don't really need it for. it's as simple as can be...

anyway, that's it. 

thanks for reading!
hope this helped! 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm going to play around with the app and become more familiar with it.

    1. yay!!!
      im glad i was able to help!
      i figured since i had so much trouble, i should share what i know and save someone the headache.
      let me know if you have any other questions.

    2. Yes I will! Somethings are so difficult to figure out for yourself lol. Thanks again


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