random things

for some reason, i blogged for a week straight.....and then i disappeared. 
oops. sorry!

this is more of a random ass post with a bunch of pictures and some random thoughts. 

last weekend (4/15/17) we hit up Seventh Grand in DTLA (my sister, boyfriend and I) and had a couple of drinks, well, they did, i was DD. its so weird that my little sister is now old enough to get into bars with me (eeek!)

afterward, we went to Bottega Louie, got (free!) macaroons (cause she forgot to charge us), some drinks with HUGE ice cubes and a pretty good pizza.

then Sunday, we celebrated Easter.
everyone was in the finest Sunday's best and i looked like a hot mess.

its been a while that i've celebrated Easter all out with my family, all of our little kids are, well, grown now and everyone does something with their immediate family so it's nice to be reminded of all of that with his side of the family. 

we hid eggs, had a good lunch and pool party. 
B got me an inflatable pool a while ago and we finally brought it out. all the kids jumped in. so much fun. Easter party turned into a pool party. 

all the kids looked for eggs, got baskets, cracked those confetti eggs all over each other and heck, Andy broke an actual egg on my back so i had to return the favor. lol 

overall, it was a great weekend. (: <3

now for the randoms.....

FINALLY got my new vans! :D (thanks B!)

I'm in a reading funk. 
i gave up on the light between oceans. 
i wasnt to crazy on the writing of it. 
im currently reading Station Eleven and its pretty good but im just not in a "OMG! i HAVE TO finish this now!" mood. idk whats up with me. 

don't do anything else other than drive while you're driving!!!
but....so yea. this was on the way to pick up my brother from work. 

i bought a get to work book and i ABSOLUTELY love it!!!
...it just wasn't for me.
i couldn't use it the way i wanted to. i only use planners to balance my version of a checkbook and this was too thick for me for just that purpose (perfect size tho. it wasn't too small but not too big either.) i don't care to like, make it a memory planner. to me, at the end of it all, its just more junk to carry and i don't have a life in the sense that i need to make lists to keep track of things.
at least not yet.
but if i did, this is the perfect planner.

Saturday 4/22/2017

its been a while since us 3 have been together. 
Jaydeen and i used to be inseparable but, you know, life happens. 
we met up for brunch, caught up and then made plans to meet up again same time next year. 
Sunday 4/23/2017

Sundays have been spent with his family at his house doing Sunday bbq's. its the norm. so on the rare occasion that we don't have one, we go out and do things. but its soooo rare!
and for some reason i was sooo lazy Sunday that i woke up, ate a slice of pizza and went back to sleep.

he woke me up to 100 million ideas of things to do and i wasn't having it. 
let. me. sleep. 
DON'T EVER WAKE ME UP (unless its an emergency) 
i mean, we ended up at the LA Arboretum and then a pretty cool brewery and it was fun and all....but never wake me up. ill be your worst nightmare. 

other than that, nothing much is really going on. 
we're getting ready to hit up AZ again to go to Eric & Alyssa's wedding (EEEK!). 
and that's about it. 

lazy life is the best!

thanks for reading


  1. There's so much fun going on in this post. That waterfall is beautiful. I'm dying to visit Arizona, hopefully one day I will.

    1. thank you! :)
      yes! arizona is actually kind of fun! sedona is all of the heart eyes, but im hoping to eventually hit the Grand Canyon!


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