the stranger in the woods // michael finkel

published: 3/7/2017
pages: 203
isbn: 9781101875681
read: 4/6-10/2017
rating: 1// didn't like it 2// it was okay 3// liked it 
           4// really liked it 5// it was awesome 6// loved it

"I'm not used to seeing people's faces.
 There's too much information there." 
-Christopher pg 50 

Many people dream of escaping modern life, but most will never act on it. This is the remarkable true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years, making this dream a reality—not out of anger at the world, but simply because he preferred to live on his own. 

New York Times bestseller

In 1986, a shy and intelligent twenty-year-old named Christopher Knight left his home in Massachusetts, drove to Maine, and disappeared into the forest. He would not have a conversation with another human being until nearly three decades later, when he was arrested for stealing food. Living in a tent even through brutal winters, he had survived by his wits and courage, developing ingenious ways to store edibles and water, and to avoid freezing to death. He broke into nearby cottages for food, clothing, reading material, and other provisions, taking only what he needed but terrifying a community never able to solve the mysterious burglaries. Based on extensive interviews with Knight himself, this is a vividly detailed account of his secluded life—why did he leave? what did he learn?—as well as the challenges he has faced since returning to the world. It is a gripping story of survival that asks fundamental questions about solitude, community, and what makes a good life, and a deeply moving portrait of a man who was determined to live his own way, and succeeded.

i found this in the new release section at the library while going to pick up another hold. 
i had no idea who this author was or who the subject was either but i was intrigued. 
plus it's a super short read so i gave it a go. 

overall, i liked the story when it was about Christopher. 
Michael takes you through Knight's journey and when he talks about it, it was good and i was invested. 
but there are times where he delves into other "hermits" and their philosophy and just a bunch of other stuff (historical/psychological/spiritual.....) that i didn't care for. not because it was bad, it was actually pretty informative and i found myself googling some stuff but because i was in this more for Knight's story and not the extras. 

after being caught, he served 7 months in jail, had to pay fee's to those he stole from and was basically forced to move back into society, which...i don't know. i mean, i know he stole, but he stole to survive. 
and i know he scared the shit out of people but he never caused any physical harm...i don't know. 
i feel like if a person wants to live the solitude life, who are we to force anyone otherwise. 

it was a quick, informative read. 

ill leave you with some faves. 
also, no spoilers because, well he got caught and then he was set free and now he's a part of society against his there you go. 

"I prefer a meeting of the minds than a touching of the bodies. I like my distance." 
-Chris pg 50

"I'm not sorry about being rude if it gets to the point quicker." 
-Chris pg 50

thanks for reading

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