hello april!!!!

can you believe its already April!? 
where has 2017 gone? 

i started out April pretty good. 
we celebrated my brother's birthday at home with a little family get together that led to everyone basically crying because my boyfriend made aguachiles and even though they weren't as spicy as i know he can make them, they were still pretty spicy but so delicious that no one could stop eating. haha

then on Sunday, we went for a hike in Palos Verdes after i was trying not to go but gave myself a talk that i should stop being lazy. 

it was a nice hike, it wasn't too hot and it wasn't crowded. 
it was all fun and games til i slipped and landed on my left buttcheek and my right foot and landed my left hand on a cactus. 
thankfully, i didn't slide down cause i fell down while i was climbing down and my hand landing on the cactus wasn't as bad as it could have been. 
just a couple of pricks here and there. 
overall it was a nice hike.  

then we went to San Pedro where, never in the 10 years that I've been going have i ever seen it so packed. we didn't even bother to wait in line so we just left. 

overall it was a pretty great weekend, and little by little I'm seeing that the more you do on a weekend, the more you're okay with having to go back to work on Monday. (: 

hope you have a great week ahead! 


  1. Girl, I took a tumble myself too on Sunday after leaving the Zoo😑 How did you get the 'moving photos' on your blog? I can never figure that out.

    1. haha. working out is trying to kill me. ill just stay home from now on. lol

      i JUST found out how to do it yesterday too!
      i have that app, phhhoto (basically what boomerang is based off of) so....i went to my app and picked the picture i wanted to use, hit the arrow and sent it to blogger and saved it to leave it as a pending post. so it sends me a link, i opened the link and downloaded the picture to save it on my computer and from there i uploaded it.

      it sounds like a hot mess but it was the easiest way EVER!!!!
      ive downloaded apps trying to create gifs that work at the moment but not when i try to share them.

      ...maybe ill do a post on it later, cause i searched high and low on how to do these kinda pics and i accidently stumbled upon it!

    2. I saw that you did a post on this. I can't wait to read it thanks!!!


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