Sedona, AZ 86336, USA
we stopped by the thrift store to get warmer jackets and gloves and he picked up this pair with some bling on it without even knowing. 
i will forever treasure this picture. 😊
in the atv driving to Sedona
LOVE this man! <3
cooold water and messy shoes. and pants <3
at this point i was VERY buzzed. BUT i got that amazing shot up above of the Sedona mountains, the greenery and the clouds. 

Sunday we headed up past Jerome into the Prescott National Forest to play in the snow for a bit before we left and it was a freaking dream. 

in all honesty, i KIINDA forgot i had a blog that i could share all of the pictures i take on. 

we were laying in bed the Thursday before thinking about what we'd do that weekend. 
we had agreed on going on a hike and even FINALLY making the drive out to Salvation Mountain when he mentioned AZ. 
i said yea....and sorta got the wheels moving. 
we couldn't go the weekend before (the long weekend) because it was his grandfathers 100th birthday celebration so we went the following weekend (1/20-22) and of course, we chose the weekend that it decided to POUR all over CA. 
that drive was horrible. 
luckily he drove and i got to fake sleep the entire way out there.
and on the way back i drove slower than a snail because it was ridiculously bad.  

i wont talk (much more) about the trip, ill just leave ya with 100 pictures but there are a few things i want to jot down and remember forever! 

-randomly atv'ing in SEDONA!!!!
i have no idea what our day plans were but we passed an atv place got one and took off. 
- going to the thrift store and scoring THE BEST jacket ever! i love that thing no matter how big it is. 
- getting covered in mud / water / snow. 
- getting ranch and taco sauce on my glasses. 
i don't really care for taco bell but i guess i must have had a good buzz because (the ranch was from Wendy's from another day) 
- almost sitting bare butt on a cactus. thank god there's no picture of that. 
- getting hit in the head AND face with the same car trunk door. (im only sad i didn't get a gnarly bruise. i would have loved that!) 
- seeing the snow fall / sitting in a pile of snow / trying to go snow sledding but my fuggs (that we got at walmart) had horrible traction so i couldn't go all the way up.) 
- delicious thai food for dinner and rooster for breakfast (i'd move over there JUST for that bfast) 
- hearing some of the most amazing stories about my bf and his past. god, i love that man., im off to scrapbook all of this! 
it had been so long that i forgot i could actually scrapbook (and post) all of these memories.

til next time AZ. 
(but also, thanks A&E for letting us crash!) 

thanks for reading!

the joy of leaving your sh*t all over the place // jennifer mccartney

i chose this picture because i wanted to show off my mess! (: 

published: 2016
pages: 126
isbn: 978-1-8/157-387-9
read: 1/18-24/2017
rating: 1) didn't care for it 2) liked it 3) loved it

F I N A L L Y !!!!!

i have NO idea what's up with me, specially after 39 books last year!, but I'm in a reading funk. 
i don't want to pick up a book. 
i just don't want to read!

but then i went to the library to get another book and i stumbled upon this one. 
and after all the fame that Marie Kondo book got, i had to read this. 

DISCLAIMER: i did NOT read that Kondo book. i wasn't about to pay for a book to tell me how to de-clutter my life when i a) i already know its a "mess" and b) i can KINDA figure out that i need to get rid of some of my shit. its not that I'm attached. it's just that I AM LAZY. 
same freaking reason i don't work out. 
or go shopping. 
or even watch tv. 


i love parody books (i hope y'all knew this is what this was.) 

i love that Emily has a breakdown on Gilmore Girls, reads the Kondo book and then gets rid of everything because it doesn't make her happy. 
i love even more that Lor was like "duh! you JUST lost your husband. ain't nothin' gonna make you happy." and then Em realizes that maybe she shouldn't be de-cluttering her life. 
(did anyone else freak out when they were getting rid of the dinning room chairs!? she had to go to stars hallow because whats her face swept all the estate sales and good vintage shops! and here she is, just de-cluttering.) 

anyway, this book. 
so fanny!
super quick read that because I'm being lazy took me several days (this is like a 2 hrs read tops) to finish. 

she does bring up several good points on why you shouldn't be buying a book telling you how to de-clutter your life. 
about how..."clean" isn't where its always at (and apparently a lot of serial murderers were very clean and tidy!) and how sometimes having a mess really just helps you as as person and boosts your creativity (scientifically proven). 

there's also a lot of talk about buying more shit just to add to your junk but that's just for the purpose of making fun of the Kondo book. 

as much of a parody that it is, it's also REALLY funny and sorta knowledgeable. 
liiike for example: 
-V.C. Andrews. had no idea who she was and within 20 minutes i read the entire Flowers in the Attic story (can i count that on my goodreads?) and holy crap. 
and some other stuff i didn't tag. 

further proof that you don't need this Kondo book? (i mean...not really but...)
there's this BIG TIME blogger that i am basically in love with follow. (post)
she was suuper into the Kondo book and she praised it high when it first came out. 2 weeks ago she stated that the book, while great at helping her de-clutter what she already has, it did not teach her how to put that into place when purchasing new things. so she was back to de-cluttering crap again. 

basically, you do you. 
don't buy a book that will give you step A. but leave you dry at step B. 

but also, check this book out if ya want a quick, funny read. 
and just like a little bit of a reality check.

and as she says, "If it's elastic, its fantastic!"

thanks for reading!
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ps: new maybe new "book report" layout? 
i dunno. my life is a mess. 

helloooo 2017!!!!! ❤❤❤

i realize that we're 18 days into the new year, 2 days away from heading into basically doom and that this is technically my second post of 2017 buuut i didn't just want to keep book bloggin' without acknowledging the new year. 
so, HELLO 2017!

i ended 2016 with my boyfriends family where everyone said happy new year at 12 and i stuffed my face with 9 grapes (or maybe 12...not sure) and they all sang happy birthday to me. 
to be followed really quickly by going to bed.      
oh the life of the old! 
i love it! i don't want it any other way. 
...but we ended up going out with my bf's siblings to another party. 

in the morning we, him & I, headed to my house and had a family birthday dinner and it was the best! 
i had 2 cakes and everyone i loved around me. 

afterwards, we watched 6/8 Stranger Things episodes, i was hooked and even if i sorta know the aftermath, I'm still #teambarb. 
had a couple of drinks and went to bed!

then the next day (!!!!) i FINALLY got my Disneyland date!!!!!

all i have ever wanted in my life is to go on a date to Disneyland (cheesy, i know) and he FINALLY made it freaking happen!
we didn't get there til 2-ish but it was still great. 
we caught the fireworks, headed home and i don't remember much after. i had work on the 3rd so i think i just went home....iduno

all in all, i love the beginning of a new year. 
not because its my birthday but because it all feels new. 
even the air is better (but i live in LA so that doesn't last long.) 

18 days into the new year and things feel a little bit more settled down and all I've been doing is scrapbooking and putting off books till today. for some reason I'm in kind of a funk. 

but anyway....i just wanted to stop by and say hi to all of you and to 2017. 
lets hope trump doesn't shit all over America. 
okay, who am i kidding. 
i hope he doesn't basically send us into a The Purge situation. 

i hope you have a great day, weekend, week, month, year!

love ya!

attachments // rainbow rowell

published: 2011
pages: 336
isbn: 978-0452297548
read: 12/24-31/2016
rating1) didn't care for it 2) liked it 3) LOVED IT

click the link. I think i'll be doing it this way from now on. 

Lincoln is hired to basically read emails to make sure that everyone is behaving properly at work and issuing warnings to those who get their emails flagged. 

he stumbles upon Beth's and Jennifer's email and long story short he never issues them a warning because he's falling in love with Beth. 

he eventually realizes that he needs to leave because its never going to happen with Beth. (But also because he realizes other life related things....)
so he moves out, quits his job, gets another job (and goes back to school) all in all to end up running into Beth at the movies. 
she makes a move; they end up together. 

- dating Chris for the last 9 years who will never marry her, doesn't pay attention to her but can definitely play the boyfriend card when its required. 

- married to Mitch 
- doesn't want a baby but ends up pregnant, ends up miscarrying and hating herself for it
- ends up pregnant again. 

- basically a total stud but PAINFULLY shy. 
- dated Samantha (and believed he'd end up with her when they were in high school) only to be heartbroken by her 2 minutes into their college life. 

As far as spoilers, that's really all there is
I mean, there's more buuuut I'm lazy. actually no, those are the spoilers im just not giving you the complete run down. 

just thoughts on the book itself

I actually REALLY liked this Rainbow book. I honestly never thought I'd be able to say that. (And of course the one I don't buy! 😑)
I think this was her first book so it's before (for me) she went off the tracks with "book" reality.

It's definitely random to read a lovey dovey story like this where the guy is being all gooey but I liked it. 
I liked how she portrayed Beth; funny but supportive and a good friend to Jennifer. (Minus the whole Chris and wasting 9 years thing) but I liked it.

I meant to try and finish it this this year but once I got a hold of it, I couldn't put it down so this is my last book of 2016.

And now, on to 2017 reads!
...but here are some quick parts i loved from this book!

"how can you be tired all the time? every time i call you're asleep." Eve pg 28
(that applies to me so well!) 

" be thankful, Lincoln. money is a cruel thing. its the thing that stands between you and the things you want and the people you love." - Lincoln's mom pg 32

thanks for reading!

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