attachments // rainbow rowell

published: 2011
pages: 336
isbn: 978-0452297548
read: 12/24-31/2016
rating1) didn't care for it 2) liked it 3) LOVED IT

click the link. I think i'll be doing it this way from now on. 

Lincoln is hired to basically read emails to make sure that everyone is behaving properly at work and issuing warnings to those who get their emails flagged. 

he stumbles upon Beth's and Jennifer's email and long story short he never issues them a warning because he's falling in love with Beth. 

he eventually realizes that he needs to leave because its never going to happen with Beth. (But also because he realizes other life related things....)
so he moves out, quits his job, gets another job (and goes back to school) all in all to end up running into Beth at the movies. 
she makes a move; they end up together. 

- dating Chris for the last 9 years who will never marry her, doesn't pay attention to her but can definitely play the boyfriend card when its required. 

- married to Mitch 
- doesn't want a baby but ends up pregnant, ends up miscarrying and hating herself for it
- ends up pregnant again. 

- basically a total stud but PAINFULLY shy. 
- dated Samantha (and believed he'd end up with her when they were in high school) only to be heartbroken by her 2 minutes into their college life. 

As far as spoilers, that's really all there is
I mean, there's more buuuut I'm lazy. actually no, those are the spoilers im just not giving you the complete run down. 

just thoughts on the book itself

I actually REALLY liked this Rainbow book. I honestly never thought I'd be able to say that. (And of course the one I don't buy! 😑)
I think this was her first book so it's before (for me) she went off the tracks with "book" reality.

It's definitely random to read a lovey dovey story like this where the guy is being all gooey but I liked it. 
I liked how she portrayed Beth; funny but supportive and a good friend to Jennifer. (Minus the whole Chris and wasting 9 years thing) but I liked it.

I meant to try and finish it this this year but once I got a hold of it, I couldn't put it down so this is my last book of 2016.

And now, on to 2017 reads!
...but here are some quick parts i loved from this book!

"how can you be tired all the time? every time i call you're asleep." Eve pg 28
(that applies to me so well!) 

" be thankful, Lincoln. money is a cruel thing. its the thing that stands between you and the things you want and the people you love." - Lincoln's mom pg 32

thanks for reading!

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