helloooo 2017!!!!! ❤❤❤

i realize that we're 18 days into the new year, 2 days away from heading into basically doom and that this is technically my second post of 2017 buuut i didn't just want to keep book bloggin' without acknowledging the new year. 
so, HELLO 2017!

i ended 2016 with my boyfriends family where everyone said happy new year at 12 and i stuffed my face with 9 grapes (or maybe 12...not sure) and they all sang happy birthday to me. 
to be followed really quickly by going to bed.      
oh the life of the old! 
i love it! i don't want it any other way. 
...but we ended up going out with my bf's siblings to another party. 

in the morning we, him & I, headed to my house and had a family birthday dinner and it was the best! 
i had 2 cakes and everyone i loved around me. 

afterwards, we watched 6/8 Stranger Things episodes, i was hooked and even if i sorta know the aftermath, I'm still #teambarb. 
had a couple of drinks and went to bed!

then the next day (!!!!) i FINALLY got my Disneyland date!!!!!

all i have ever wanted in my life is to go on a date to Disneyland (cheesy, i know) and he FINALLY made it freaking happen!
we didn't get there til 2-ish but it was still great. 
we caught the fireworks, headed home and i don't remember much after. i had work on the 3rd so i think i just went home....iduno

all in all, i love the beginning of a new year. 
not because its my birthday but because it all feels new. 
even the air is better (but i live in LA so that doesn't last long.) 

18 days into the new year and things feel a little bit more settled down and all I've been doing is scrapbooking and putting off books till today. for some reason I'm in kind of a funk. 

but anyway....i just wanted to stop by and say hi to all of you and to 2017. 
lets hope trump doesn't shit all over America. 
okay, who am i kidding. 
i hope he doesn't basically send us into a The Purge situation. 

i hope you have a great day, weekend, week, month, year!

love ya!

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