Sedona, AZ 86336, USA
we stopped by the thrift store to get warmer jackets and gloves and he picked up this pair with some bling on it without even knowing. 
i will forever treasure this picture. 😊
in the atv driving to Sedona
LOVE this man! <3
cooold water and messy shoes. and pants <3
at this point i was VERY buzzed. BUT i got that amazing shot up above of the Sedona mountains, the greenery and the clouds. 

Sunday we headed up past Jerome into the Prescott National Forest to play in the snow for a bit before we left and it was a freaking dream. 

in all honesty, i KIINDA forgot i had a blog that i could share all of the pictures i take on. 

we were laying in bed the Thursday before thinking about what we'd do that weekend. 
we had agreed on going on a hike and even FINALLY making the drive out to Salvation Mountain when he mentioned AZ. 
i said yea....and sorta got the wheels moving. 
we couldn't go the weekend before (the long weekend) because it was his grandfathers 100th birthday celebration so we went the following weekend (1/20-22) and of course, we chose the weekend that it decided to POUR all over CA. 
that drive was horrible. 
luckily he drove and i got to fake sleep the entire way out there.
and on the way back i drove slower than a snail because it was ridiculously bad.  

i wont talk (much more) about the trip, ill just leave ya with 100 pictures but there are a few things i want to jot down and remember forever! 

-randomly atv'ing in SEDONA!!!!
i have no idea what our day plans were but we passed an atv place got one and took off. 
- going to the thrift store and scoring THE BEST jacket ever! i love that thing no matter how big it is. 
- getting covered in mud / water / snow. 
- getting ranch and taco sauce on my glasses. 
i don't really care for taco bell but i guess i must have had a good buzz because (the ranch was from Wendy's from another day) 
- almost sitting bare butt on a cactus. thank god there's no picture of that. 
- getting hit in the head AND face with the same car trunk door. (im only sad i didn't get a gnarly bruise. i would have loved that!) 
- seeing the snow fall / sitting in a pile of snow / trying to go snow sledding but my fuggs (that we got at walmart) had horrible traction so i couldn't go all the way up.) 
- delicious thai food for dinner and rooster for breakfast (i'd move over there JUST for that bfast) 
- hearing some of the most amazing stories about my bf and his past. god, i love that man., im off to scrapbook all of this! 
it had been so long that i forgot i could actually scrapbook (and post) all of these memories.

til next time AZ. 
(but also, thanks A&E for letting us crash!) 

thanks for reading!

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