the joy of leaving your sh*t all over the place // jennifer mccartney

i chose this picture because i wanted to show off my mess! (: 

published: 2016
pages: 126
isbn: 978-1-8/157-387-9
read: 1/18-24/2017
rating: 1) didn't care for it 2) liked it 3) loved it

F I N A L L Y !!!!!

i have NO idea what's up with me, specially after 39 books last year!, but I'm in a reading funk. 
i don't want to pick up a book. 
i just don't want to read!

but then i went to the library to get another book and i stumbled upon this one. 
and after all the fame that Marie Kondo book got, i had to read this. 

DISCLAIMER: i did NOT read that Kondo book. i wasn't about to pay for a book to tell me how to de-clutter my life when i a) i already know its a "mess" and b) i can KINDA figure out that i need to get rid of some of my shit. its not that I'm attached. it's just that I AM LAZY. 
same freaking reason i don't work out. 
or go shopping. 
or even watch tv. 


i love parody books (i hope y'all knew this is what this was.) 

i love that Emily has a breakdown on Gilmore Girls, reads the Kondo book and then gets rid of everything because it doesn't make her happy. 
i love even more that Lor was like "duh! you JUST lost your husband. ain't nothin' gonna make you happy." and then Em realizes that maybe she shouldn't be de-cluttering her life. 
(did anyone else freak out when they were getting rid of the dinning room chairs!? she had to go to stars hallow because whats her face swept all the estate sales and good vintage shops! and here she is, just de-cluttering.) 

anyway, this book. 
so fanny!
super quick read that because I'm being lazy took me several days (this is like a 2 hrs read tops) to finish. 

she does bring up several good points on why you shouldn't be buying a book telling you how to de-clutter your life. 
about how..."clean" isn't where its always at (and apparently a lot of serial murderers were very clean and tidy!) and how sometimes having a mess really just helps you as as person and boosts your creativity (scientifically proven). 

there's also a lot of talk about buying more shit just to add to your junk but that's just for the purpose of making fun of the Kondo book. 

as much of a parody that it is, it's also REALLY funny and sorta knowledgeable. 
liiike for example: 
-V.C. Andrews. had no idea who she was and within 20 minutes i read the entire Flowers in the Attic story (can i count that on my goodreads?) and holy crap. 
and some other stuff i didn't tag. 

further proof that you don't need this Kondo book? (i mean...not really but...)
there's this BIG TIME blogger that i am basically in love with follow. (post)
she was suuper into the Kondo book and she praised it high when it first came out. 2 weeks ago she stated that the book, while great at helping her de-clutter what she already has, it did not teach her how to put that into place when purchasing new things. so she was back to de-cluttering crap again. 

basically, you do you. 
don't buy a book that will give you step A. but leave you dry at step B. 

but also, check this book out if ya want a quick, funny read. 
and just like a little bit of a reality check.

and as she says, "If it's elastic, its fantastic!"

thanks for reading!
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ps: new maybe new "book report" layout? 
i dunno. my life is a mess. 

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