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a couple of days ago, i was looking through my blog looking for stuff to link up and i realized that i stopped blogging "life" stuff and i miss it!!! (i mean, i knew i had stopped obviously, i just hadn't realized how much i missed it.)
i miss blogging about dumb, random stuff that i later regret having posted. 

i haven't done a currently listening to in a loong time. 
a year+ to be exact. eeek

i think it's because maybe i made baby jesus a promise to not hit up ANY concerts in 2016 so long as he let me see Jill Scott live once! 
he kept his part of the deal so i HAD to keep mine. 
case in point: i bought tickets to see the neighbourhood solo on superbowl Sunday last year and guess who got siiiiick!!?? (read that in a sing song-y voice.) 
so i didn't really even  bother trying for the rest of 2016.
:( missed some good ones too.  

but he didn't say no to me buying tickets for shows in 2017!
so i was able to score tickets to see THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!

this was my third time watching them and by far THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!
my first time was at the fonda, super small venue and i was actually right up front. not bad. 
my second time was at Coachella, we made it all the way to the front but i wasn't down with being suffocated so we moved it to the back. 

and this time!
this time it was at the staples center. 
we weren't that close but it was still pretty good and the show was EFFIN AMAZING!!!!
their light show was amaziiing. 
just, everything about that night!
basically, everyone was stoned by the end of the night. if you weren't smoking it yourself, then you were definitely contact high. 
everyone was in a giant cloud by the end of the show. 

it was pretty dope that they dedicated this show to women since it was woman's day (March 8th, 2017).
the setlist was great! 
everything was great!!!
i loved this night so hard!!!!
i was up singing and dancing the whole entire night and i just loved it all!!!

my absolute favorite song of their new album is by far Encore
that song is everything. 
(but go listen to the cd in general...pretty good. i just rediscovered the i'm with you album and hooked on that right now.)

...then that Friday, we had another concert to go to. i was lucky to score tickets from a friends sister and we saw Cafe Tacvba after i wasnt able to get tickets when they went on sale. LOVE those guys. 

for now, we only have another one this year; JACK JOHNSON!!!!!
but I'm aiming to HOPEFULLY score tickets to another Jill  Scott show. 
except I'm not making any promises to baby jesus this time around because I've missed concerts so, we'll see. 

I'm also trying to convince him to go with me to see John Mayer...and Bruno Mars (ridiculously good show) but we'll see. I'm okay skipping those two for Jill Scott. 
made a promise. sorta. 
(and as i was about to publish this, Corinne Bailey Rae announces her tour. GIMMIE A BREAK!!!! ...or the winning lotto numbers so i can afford all this!) 

anyway, super random post. 
(hopefully they'll stick around!) 

thanks for reading!


  1. Yes to more random posts! Haha, you're such a cutie.

    1. haha *blushing* thanks!!!!
      i definitely will!w ere always doing something or other.


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