random snaps

remember when i used to do these? 
it was only a yearly goal (that i did complete) and then i just, was over it. 
i recently got a new phone and even though i now have expandable memory again, i kinda wanted to do a photo dump and clear them out of there...so here i am. 
that and FINALLY a beautiful mess released a color story for android. never have i bought an app so freaking fast. 
and honestly, I'm in love with how GOOD it works. 
its crazy to see the before! from super dark to crispy clear!!!!
about 1000000 pictures of my dogs. but mostly chonch. i can just hold a tennis ball in front of my phone and i can take a trillion pictures. chester is just a taaaad bit harder to snap but when i do, all of the heart eye emojis!!! 
fitbit goal day 2016!!!! (sat 5/21)
i was up at 8 because i had a dentist apt at 9 (who does that!?) so i was up and walking around waiting for my nails to dry cause i had an interview later and i didn't want my nails to be all busted looking. (that interview was busted as heck) this was at 845. haha. my sister was mad that i was taking forever to get ready for the dentist. got there 2 mins late and i had to wait cause HE was late. -_- 
I've had an empty space next to my bed where my window USED to be. one random day i rolled over and all of the bells went off in my head. so i made a chalk calendar. i just used thin washi tape to make the lines and i did not care one bit to make them even or straight. i love not being a perfectionist. 
i have shitty lighting in my room so my brother bought me those hanging lights and since i couldn't hang them from the ceiling, i bought ikea shelf holders and ta-da!
my sister and i! 
i LOVED her purple hair. 
she dyed it some stupid ass lavender with some grey. then she bought this color corrector thing or whatever dafuq and it was supposed to make it blond (the color had already faded) but it made it some sort of green. idk it was weird but it was actually pretty cool. then she FINALLY bought the manic panic purple and this was the color she got. and i absolutely LOOOOOVED it. (looked better in person)
of course leave it to my her to finally say fuck it and dye it black when she finally gets a good color going. i was so mad at her too cause she could have had dope hair for edc. but noooo
i still love her with plain black hair i guess. 
Saturday i had that busted ass interview. don't tell me you need customer service and then tell me i don't have enough when I've had only about 12 freaking years of experience. anyways, afterward, i went to B's house. we had costco pizza and i snapped this waiting for him to grab it. after we stuffed our faces (the whole fam), i took the two little babes that were over and we all went along for a walk. seeing his goddaughter go absolutely ape shit happy about walking was about only the best thing in the world ever. she'd randomly squeal in delight when she realized she was free to run free and it was the cutest thing ever. i love those little kids with all my heart. 
dreams came true when i finally got to see Bob's burgers live. 
i loved it and I'm happy that i got to check it off my list. but also, if I'm being honest, i don't think ill be doing it again. i got lucky that it was the 100th episode! but for the price those two damn tickets cost me, while it was fun, money wise it did not make sense. and those freaking seats! might as well have just sat on each other's lap. 
then, for the next week, they had an art gallery showing a bunch of Bob's pieces. the very first one is my absolute favorite. and it was only $4,000. they were about as tall as me and trust me, if i had f*ck you money, they would have DEFINITELY gone home with me.  

the left over pieces from b's sisters bday party diys that i made
freaking kids tore into them. 
got that mirror in ikea on sale and it was only about the best purchase ever!!!!!
i love all of the color!
took my momma to the flower fields in Carlsbad CA. she was in heaven and it was ridiculously nice to spend the entire day with her. just us two <3
a random selfie! 
i used to have really thin (read super fucked up) eyebrows. then i went thru a phase where i looked like chewbacca trying to grow them out. then this lady shaped em soooo beautifully but still left them thick and i LOVED them. that was years ago. then a few months, i got them threaded at some other place and the lady left me completely bald. it was the weirdest thing ever and i hated it. 
I'm used to them now. but, ya know, be careful whatcha wish for.

hopefully i take time to do this more often cause i do love sharing my random ass pictures. 

have a great week ahead! 
love ya!

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