happy birthday // diy

do you ever have a moment where you're like "oooh! this is the perfect diy moment" after not dying for like 75 hundred years? 
i'd seen this diy a looooong time ago and i thought it was perfect to send to carlee for her birfday! 

for some other odd reason i bought the abm messy box when it was on sale so i have all this paper laying around since im (currently) anti scrap-booking. 
anyways, you can go to the link above and be super fancy about it (i wasn't cause i don't own a cricut! insert mad face emoji) and well this felt more personal! and i love those bando stickers!!!!
i cut a little clear box from some transparency paper i had and i used that as my template to cut them all about the same size. 
i arranged em how i liked and then i taped the back with some regular tape and then some confetti washi tape for a little pop. (sorry for the crappy pics. i have a very horribly lit room.) 
as jimmy pesto would say "ta-dance!" 
you cant really see it all that well but once i was done with it i was tempted very very much to just keep it for myself. soclose!

then i packed it all up nicely in a card and sent it her way! (: 

happy birthday Carlee!!! hope you had a great one! :*


  1. I had such a good birthday! And your card brighten up my day so much. Clark said "your penpal is really nice." I agree!!!


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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