happy valentines day + diy

hurry up freaking a color story. its been a month already and still nothing, 

we went to the movies on Vday and saw How To Be Single and it freaking hit me that before my boyfriend i had been single for 4 (!!!!) years (its not a bad thing. I'm currently reading the book and i think i have A LOT to say on that.)...but anyways. 
4 years since i last celebrated valentine's day with anyone and even before that (when i did have a bf) i don't even remember the last time i celebrated. 
its been so long. 

so when this vday came around i freaked out because:
1) we LITERALLY just started 2016. how the freak were we already celebrating vday.
2) the week before i got the flu and holy crap was it bad (i was dead on Superbowl Sunday.) i was out that entire week. 
3) it literally creeped up on me. 

i didn't want to celebrate. 
i didn't want anything to do with the holiday. i was completely unprepared, i wasn't in the mood and i had a busy weekend (well being at his house anyways) so i couldn't sneak anything in. 

and then! 
bing! red light. 
i remembered that my bf is a total instagram whore. he freaking loves that app. 
so out of nowhere it hit me to make him the little like button thingamabober and just edit it a little bit!!! 
win win win! i also got him some books he wanted so it was an amazing first vday for us! (: 
ya need: 
2) orange felt sheets (or whatever color ya want) 
1) white felt sheet (again, or whatever color you want
2) same colored thread (1 of each. 1 white / 1 orange) 
1) thread needle
-) stuffing
-) needles 
-) scissors
i printed a picture of the like button but its pretty easy to do.
basically is about the same size of the sheet its just the bottom you need to focus on because of the little, idk, peak thing.
(i'm 100% sure my lines are not straight but i wasn't picky about it so that's up to you.
then i pinned it to the other orange sheet and cut the second one by following the one on top

i had a heart outline because of some hearts that i bought at target and i free handed the U.
the <3 and the U, once they were cut out, i pinned them down with needles (like the ones that you can barely see on the outside) and just went over it with the white thread.
after those were done, i went over the whole thing til i was almost closed to done and then i stuffed it and finished it up.
advice: start sewing from the bottom left. way easier than from where i started. (the tip of the little peak) 
he looved it! 
i thought it was a super cute idea (and honestly it saved my ass cause this guy spoiled me on vday) 
and my sister fell in love with it that she made me make one for her date and then she ended up keeping it. --__--
(i think i overstuffed his cause hers looks more....not stuffed)

overall it was a good holiday. i spent the weekend with him and Saturday was just full of family since it was his nieces birthday.

on the 14th, we went to go have breakfast. he somehow ALWAYS manages to get better food than i do so i end up picking from his plate.
then we went to Barnes and Noble where he bought me 2 books and we spent a good minute in there.
then we went to bevmo and i got him the same amount of $ spent on my books worth of beer!
he was in heaven. we were in there for at least 45 minutes. (i stupidly left my books in the car!)
then we went to the movies.
we saw how to be single which i loved and it actually made me cry. its a total chick flick but not in the way i expected it to be. after that we saw Deadpool and guys!, i have no idea what the hell i saw but that movie was badass!!!!!
i LOVED it.
but that's how it goes for me with every comic book movie. i don't care for it but then i see it and i'm like holy smokes!!!!

after that we went to go get pastrami fries and i was asleep by 1130.
its funny because i fell asleep while he was watching a documentary and i remember falling asleep but i kept hearing myself snore so i woke up and asked him if i was snoring and he said yea but was unfazed by it.
i kept apologizing to him after i woke up. he wasn't even aware cause that's how used to it he is. lol

overall considering i was sorta protesting the holiday, it worked out for the best. 
i had an amazing first vday with B. 
that guys is the best. 

hope you guys had a great one! (: 

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