Seattle! "road trip" pt 2 of 3

after our day in Oregon, we drove up to Seattle and IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
all that greenery!  and the rain!!! the best!!!!

we got to our hotel, not exactly IN the downtown area but we stayed basically behind (or in front, idk) of  the space needleit was still pretty close, dropped our stuff and took like a 10 mins top lyft ride to the Public Market Center. 
from there we just walked around all over the place. 
we unfortunately got there around closing time so we didn't do much but we did see a few shops, got a few trinkets and headed out to the overlook area. 
from there on, we went to The Pike Brewing Company where i had the most delicious pear drink and we stayed for a bit (that place is HUGE!) while he made all sorts of friends and i walked around. 

from there on, we walked over to Ivar's and got some grub! 
(he saw a vice documentary on Seattle and that was one of the spots) 
they have an outside area where you can order to go or you can order inside. 
we ate inside and it was by the water and really nice. like a little too nice for the basic ass food we got but it was still pretty good. 
i wasn't really feeling it so i basically took all my food with me (that i think we ended up giving away to a homeless person.) from there we walked back to the market but we stopped by the Ferris wheel and took some pictures there. 
i LOVE that they have bikes EVERYWHERE up for you to grab (i think it costs like a dollar). they were literally everywhere and i loved that sooooooooooooo much!!!! 
we found some stairs to go back up and accidentally stumbled upon the gum wall! (when we were looking for it we couldn't find it. go figure) 

after that just hit up whatever bars we could find. we hit up  Elysian Bar and had a few drinks there. 
from there we moved on to some random bar that a friend of mine recommended and had more drinks there. 
apparently a lot of places close at midnight during the week so we were only there for a bit but the waitress told us about some pizza place called Roccos
we couldn't find it for some reason (tbh, we were probably just too drunk) and we couldn't really use our phones cause we were running low on battery and we needed to save it for the way home. 

we found some random girl walking around like she was on a mission and it turned out that she was going to the same place we were going to so she guided us there. 
the messed up part is that they didn't even let her in .______.
her ID did not have her signature on it so they wouldn't allow her in. we tried everything to get her in but her dude just ended up meeting her outside. 
the pizza was good, the spot was pretty dope and the drinks were harsh but we loved it and i would definitely go back there again. 

afterward, we walked back to our place but found a random bar that had some karaoke going on. 
you can't pay me enough to do karaoke and I'm not a fan but i was pretty buzzed so we crashed a group that was having a blast. 

after that, we just walked back to the room. 
i just want to add that i felt completely safe walking the streets at like 2 am. that's not something i can say out here in DTLA. 
but anyway.....that was Seattle. 
it was a blast and i LOVED it and i want to go back ASAP!
i want to go back and do the space needle and find the first Starbucks. yea, i know. how do you go and not do the most touristy things ever? ....if it helps, i went to target twice lol. 
driving to CANADA!!!!!
we came back to Seattle on Saturday and we were 'sposed to stay with some friends but by then we were kinda over it and just wanted to be in Oregon to be ready to fly back home the following day so we stopped by a brewery and accidentally found the troll but not before getting a bowl of PHO! yum!!!..before continuing the drive back to Oregon.

i love SOUP. 
any kind of soup. 
soup for life!
so when i found this spot on ig (known for there extra super duper ginormously large bowl that you share with like 500 people) i made it a point that we had to go! 
...the soup was okay. 
but them shrimp spring rolls! 
id go back just for that!!!!

anyway...that's that for Seattle.
i know i had a blast in Oregon because of the Mt. Hood drive, but i want to say Seattle was my fave. 
but now that i think about it....we also had a fun time doing nothing in Canada after our main trip....(that's coming up. eventually.) 
this whole entire trip was a blast!

thanks for reading! 

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