fourth of july!

happy (hella late!) 4th of July!!!!!

I'm back from vacation and back to work now so i can finally catch up on posts! 
i have several that i need to get started on.  i love that for a while, nothing happens and then BOOM!!! gotta play catch up. 
i have a book post and our vacation ones and then I'm caught up! 

anyway, sorry for going off track!

4th of July!, we spent it at B's house with his sisters, nieces and nephews. 
we celebrated his bday (another post i gotta write!) with cake and donuts which were gone as soon as the last line of the hbd song was sang. i made party hats out of popcorn holders and we partied it up with fireworks. 

last year we celebrated by the pool but this time we kept it at his house and he lives in the perfect area for this since he's at the end of the street. 

for the most part, my family doesn't really do much. well, us kids anyway. 
most of our cousins do their own things with their own families so I'm free to go over and celebrate with him. 
even more so since it's his bday the following day. 

after eating, we lit up all the fireworks, witnessed some illegal ones as well and saw what was probably the first dog in history trying to eat a firework every time it shot up in the air. 
it was the best (and he was NOT harmed at all!) 

i love having a phhhoto account where no one follows me cause it gives me freedom to just post whatever i want without worrying about blowing up anyone's feed. 
i thought id share my faves here (honestly, they were all posted on there). 

it's been awhile since I've shared a phhhoto post so i thought this would be the perfect start off point. 

anyway, i hope you all had a great, happy, safe 4th of July. 
i kinda hate the damn holiday because people swear they're on a competition to out blow their eardrums off and the dogs go crazy but other than that, its pretty great. 

have a great (rest of your) week!
ill try to post as soon as i can....i really need to invest in a computer. 

byye guys!!!



  1. Look at all those fireworks! They're so pretty I just hate all the noise they make. I also can't believe we're almost half way through July how insane is that!

    1. i know!!!! if only we could make them without all the loud noise.
      they were popping some last night by my house and it was soooo annoying!

      time is flying by so fast its crazy! i cant even believe it. its like 2017 didnt even happen!


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