shop girl // steve martin

published: 2000
pages: 130
isbn: 0-7868-6658-6
read: 2/8-9/2017
rating: 1) didn't like it 2) it was okay 3) liked it 4) really liked it 5) it was amazing!
(going by the goodreads rating system)

Lonely, depressed, Vermont transplant Mirabelle Buttersfield, who sells expensive evening gloves nobody ever buys at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and spends her evenings watching television with her two cats. She attempts to forge a relationship with middle-aged, womanizing, Seattle millionaire Ray Porter while being pursued by socially inept and unambitious slacker Jeremy.


oh, what you find on randoms walks in the library. 

uhm, overall this wasn't a bad book. 

i think honestly that your feelings towards this book depend on your mentality in regards to the subject which can be either 1) starting a "relationship" with an older/younger person or 2) a} the inability to tell someone what you want (or don't) from them when it comes to a relationship and b} the inability to actually listen to what someone is telling you cause you only hear whatcha' want. 

...or at least that's what I got from it. 

Ray wants Mirabelle as just a hook up buddy cause basically mid-life crisis and tells her that that is all he wants but she chooses to hear "I'm fresh from a divorce so I need time but I know that I will end up loving (and maybe marrying) you." 

i really didn't feel anything reading this book. like i wasn't excited to finish it and it didn't really evoke any emotion in me. but at the end of the book, i can see what he was trying to say. 
and i love that as serious as it was for Ray and Mirabelle, he threw in Lisa. 
that lady was crazy in the best way possible. here these 2 are having a life serious situation and this chick is talking about being the best hoodie ever! (not slut shamming at all!) 

ray was trying so hard to find someone to end up with even though he didn't realize he was and Mirabelle could have been that person but in the process of finding THE ONE (without knowing), he's ignoring the one person that could give him all that. (boy, do we all know that feeling.) 
and then the whole Jeremy dilemma...his ending in the book is, i guess you can say, fulfilling but he didn't stand out to me really til the end. i feel like he existed for the sole purpose of the ending (and that suuuper funny bit with Lisa). 

overall, i liked the story i just find it weird that it left me with no attachment or feeling of it.
it was okay.
i am however excited to catch the movie. it doesn't look like she plays the depressing bits on there and i love that Steve Martin plays Ray...i also love the dude who plays Jimmy, Jason Schwartzman. 

as always, fave quotes/parts of the book (and spoilers after the jump.) 

She knows she needs new friends but introductions are hard to come by when your natural state is shyness. 
(pg 4) 

"Just remember, darling, it is pain that changes our lives." 
some lady on the phone pg 53

thanks for reading!
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M (cause i ain't trying to type out her entire name) works at NM where she sells gloves and nothing really ever happens. 
she meets Jeremy at the laundromat...they go on a date....end up having really awkward sex.  

Ray shows up at NM one day and purchases gloves that show up on her doorsteps a while later. 

they go out...and end up sleeping together. 
he thinks its just casual sex and she thinks its an open window to more. 

they eventually enter a sort of relationship kind of relationship without the title and it goes "well" until he tells her one day that hes slept with someone else. 

they go their separate ways for a bit but its this back and forth without actual commitment for about 2 years (he's paid off her debt, her student loans, gave her a newer car, money just to survive and paid for flights to see her parents.) 

after it FINALLY  falls apart she moves to San Francisco to be closer to the art scene, gets a job at an art gallery (thanks to Rays connections) and ends up finally, properly and even falling in love with Jeremy. she of course doesn't tell Ray that because she doesn't want to hurt him. because a woman finally did to him what he did to her; break his heart. 

Jeremy was this young lost kid who was just like her, broke so he wasn't ever a serious thing to her but through out the story you hear about him and what he's been up to, but hes only really "important" in the beginning and in the end when he finally has his shit together and ends up dating M seriously. 

Lisa was probably the best part of this book. 
shes this crazy middle aged woman who SWEARS shes god's gift to men. 
she shaves, plucks, starves and just about anything else you can think of, to herself in order to keep up the appearance. everything that Ray hates in a woman, is what she's thinking she needs to do in order to land herself her own Ray. 

i think the funniest thing ever is that M makes the mistake of telling her about Ray so she of course get egotistical and decides to steal Ray from M. 
she has NO idea what the guy looks like so on a night that she sees M & Jeremy walking in together to an art show, she assumes that he's Ray and she vows to steal him that night. and she does. but under the impression that he's Ray. she takes him back to her place and gives him the best of the best when it comes to sex and blow jobs and all that karma sutra stuff that she reserves for only those who deserve it (to keep them wanting more...just so she can blow them off) only to later find out that she fucked some itty bitty tiny little youngin'. 

i love that he wrote in Lisa the way he did. kind of to give it humor to this otherwise serious-ish tone of a book. 

great quick read. 

....and that's all! (: 
have a great weekend.

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