Gilmore girls // The Festival of the Four Seasons

we are like a day and some odd hours and minutes and seconds away from 4 new episodes of Gilmore Girls!!!!
(take a couple of seconds to catch your breath!) 


i have LOVED this show since day 1. 
i've watched it religiously since it was first released and i've watched it since it ended about once a year. via dvd (single seasons. i didn't like the complete  box set edition) and on Netflix. 

anyway, Netflix, as EVERYONE knows, signed up for a 4 episode 90 minutes each revival. 
i wont get into the details of it because you can look it up (lets be honest, its everywhere.)
BUT i can tell you that their marketing department knows whats up. 

this past weekend (Nov 19/20 2016) they held The Festival of Four Seasons (as well as a freaking screening of the Winter episode with all the stars!!! in Hollywood....but i wont get into that 😒)  over at UCLA and of course i signed up to go. 
i'm guessing Sunday was the day of winter and fall because those were the only filters i got (i think i got spring as well) and low and behold the weather decided to agree. 
the leafs were falling everywhere and of course while we were waiting, it started to freaking rain. (it never rains in California, so of course, the one day!)

in all honesty, i was thinking this was going to be bigger than it was and it was pretty cool to see the little stands but maybe it wasn't worth freezing over.
i  know on Saturday Gypsy and Lane showed up and maybe others too but Sunday didn't get any love. 
all it was, was little canopies with Stars Hollow spots. 
there was Luke's, Taylor's Soda Shoppe, a post office, Kirks button emporium (1 per visitor but i got 2!!!! team Jess and once a Gilmore, always a Gilmore.) a gazebo, they had a photo booth (that i didn't do because i was by myself and i didn't want to wait), Mrs. Kim's antique shop (which i didn't want to do but im so glad i did) and they had umbrellas hanging from the trees that said In Omnia Paratus from the You Jump, I Jump Jack episode. 

overall, it was pretty cool. the line was extremely long when i got there but i somehow made it into the second group that got in. 
i think if i would have waited longer than i did (almost 3 hrs. lined up at 10ish, event started at 12, first group got in from 1155-1245) i would been a little PO'd. 

but anyway, enough yappin'. 
ill leave you with pictures! 

they handed out fliers with a map on the inside of all the activities taking place inside. 
but also, filters!!! 
once i made it inside, the first thing i did was grab coffee because i was freezing and cold. 
...and i don't like coffee so.....
but also, i finally got my Luke's coffee!!! (under the coffee cover, there's a quote about Lorelai being coffee in a former lifetime)
(not the original one (obvs!) but hey!) 
all of the pictures of props and stuff below were all in Mrs. Kim's antiques. 
i'm so glad i went in there. 
member when Luke & Lor broke up? (lets not talk about it) haha. 
all the yellow is Lor & blue is Luke
Rory and Lorelai's college diplomas.
pictures from different episodes, like her 16th birthday party, doing her homework at her desk and other ones. 

one more day and a couple of more hours. 
i remember setting a countdown on my phone at 90 days and now, we are so close!!!!
i cannot wait!

i'm staying up and i'm binge watching!
and then i'll probably go to sleep, get up, watch it all over again and cry about a thousand more times. 


thanks for reading. 

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