car washing gone wrong

oh man. 
just a random post because last night was too funny (for me anyways) not to share. 

so I'm in like 5 different fitbit workweek challenges. and for all of May I've been coming in mostly at 3rd place (W & Y are NO JOKE). so yesterday, i set off on my usual walk already with 7k steps down. 
i go for a walk, come back home, eat some chicken soup and then i go wash my moms car. 

now, i don't know about you BUT with my car, i can leave the keys inside of it and it wont lock itself. idk, i guess it recognizes that the key is inside. 
but noooo. 
not this temperamental car.

anyways, i go wash my moms car at those wash it yourself places and i take off my sandals because i make a mess (and unknowingly i pulled up into the super duper high pressure stall) so they just really bother me cause I'm always slippin' and sliddin' cause im that clumsy. 
i go about my business, wash the damn car and as i finish, I'm ready to get inside to pull it up to the front to dry it. 
and wouldn't you  know. 
the damn car locked itself with the freaking keys inside. 
keys, phone, wallet. BOOM. just starring back at me laughing. 

so, shoe less, looking like a hot mess, i ask the couple in the next stall to let me use their phone. 
i call my sister and she swears shes performing open heart surgery and I'm bugging her so i tell her to shove it and LUCKILY a) my moms car comes with included roadside assistance that b) comes with a card thingy with the info that i attached to her key that somehow C) when i left it in the car, i left it with the number on the tag facing up so i could see it clearly (silver lining guys, take what you can get!) so i was able to call for help. 

i call, they send a tow truck and i wait. 

so, i get my ass walking around the car. i did something like 2,000 steps waiting for the dude to get there. 
mind you, its now 9pm and i have this irrational fear of being outside past like 7pm.(seriously, even in my own backyard.) and little by little all the cars that were there start leaving but it got busy again so hooray for that. 

so after 20 something minutes and an additional 2k steps, homeboy FINALLY arrives. 
idk what or who i was expecting to arrive (maybe like a Honda tow truck or some shit) and when i saw the wire i was like "fuck!, there goes my moms paint job." but as it turns out they know what they're doing. 

so he needs my id and the mileage to idk, get it back to Honda or something but he looks at my id and hes like "whoa. that's you? what happened?"
i lost it. i started laughing SO HARD. i was like what do you mean!!!!
and hes like, I'm not saying you look bad, its just, you look different. 
i was laughing so hard. 
so he bailed me and we were just laughing. it was a good time had by all. 
but even more for me because in my DL i have red short hair (yea i used to be a redhead) with some hella fucked up eyebrows. and its was taken when they decided they need to zoom into your face JUST to make sure its you. not like before, from afar. 

moral of the story: always laugh at yourself. cause that's how the shitty moments get made into some funny ass moments. 

of course, i posted the story on my snapchat if ya wanna catch it. ...only a few hours left to hear my nonsense! (ellexgee) 
and thats about it. 
car washing 101: what NOT to do and life 101: laugh at that. 

hope you have a great week. 
im trying to get over tomorrow and hello 3 day weekend!!!!


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