random post

soo...i have NO idea how this picture even got posted. 
who even posts a random picture without saying anything?

member how ive been saying that my bloglovin // blogger app has been acting up? well this is the prime example! 
i went to disneyland on Friday to meet up with Joleen (for the 1st time ever!) and on the way to get some funnel cake we stopped by the front of the castle to take a picture. hence this picture. 

whaaat i do not know though, is how it got posted on here. 
i posted it on IG but then how it landed here iduno. 

anyways, here's the castle on 9/11. there was apparently a huge (different) firework show to honor those who served (but we missed it and i didnt even know!) and its also the 60th anniversary decoration. 

i hope you enjoy the picture. im currently trying to convince the boyfriend to get a pass with me!!!!

have a great week ahead! 

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