happy thirty, my dirty little flirty! ❤️


happiest of birthdays to my little lovebug. 
im actually late. its already passed but i wanted to share some snapshots and some memories. 

b & his sisters // & mads! <3
(missing his brother)

 i'd seen those letter balloons spelling out
(eh, ya see it?)  but unfortunately individual letters are hella expensive and i was TOO lazy to drive to DTLA so i just got him donuts from California donuts spelling it out. 
seems perfect as he's not a fan of cake but loves donuts and i could spell out what i needed. 
talk about a win. 

he went for a hike with his sisters and it didn't cross my mind to go decorate his house while he was gone (ooops!) but all that matters is that everyone was there and we all sang him happy birthday and i hugged and kissed him to death!

i want to remember how i turned popcorn holders into party hats with a simple hole punch and how the kids freaking loved them! (wasn't sure they would). 

i want to remember his goddaughter signing "happy birthday, niiino!" at the top of her lungs. 

i want to remember mads in her glasses looking all cool. 
the "houses" they made out of the Giant Jenga set i made him 2 years ago! 
the fuss his sisters made to take a picture with him lol!
the fireworks afterwards. the anticipation of our upcoming trip!!!!
we celebrated all this the day before his bday (the perks of being a holiday baby!) 

the next day, his actual bday, we spent it with his nieces and nephews watching the Lego batman movie. 
then we spent it with my mom and brother having lunch at lazy dogs. 
we hung out in my backyard, played several games of uno. had some drinks, got a pretty good buzz and ended the night with dinner at shake shack and boarding our plane to cancun!!!!

love ya B. 
here's to 30. and to 30 more (and many many mooore!) 
i'm thankful i get to spend them with you! 

this is him getting a cake the weekend before his bday (after we came from a hike no less) because my mom is extra and loves him to death. so i haaaad to get him a cake. lol 

thanks for reading!


  1. Happy birthday to him! Those donuts are so cute and I love those balloon. I always want to get some for mine and Rudy's bday but I can only imagine the cost.


    1. thanks! (:
      ill let him know!

      if you go to party city, i think they're like $9.99 each and i thiiiiink they include the helium. im not a 100% sure.

      i bought these off some little mexican party shop for like $4 but they charge $4 to blow them up. -_____-
      so i just blew them up myself.
      cause i love him but not $8 for heliums worth. lol jk jk!

      let me know if you want me to get you some! i can mail them to you!

  2. Hahah yeah no amount of love is worth paying that much. Ahh you're the sweetest thank you! I'll for sure keep you in mind if I need any!


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