happy 2 year anniversary!

year 2! 

last year this time, we were in palm springs doing I'm not sure what but maybe heading towards the tram. this year, we're keeping it casual because we're heading out to CANCUN (!!!!) for his birthday next week. but we'll most likely get dinner somewhere tonight. 

lately, I've been thinking about when we had our 1 monthaversary (I'm a huge believer in celebrating those!) and how we went to get pizza and a salad at Bj's. i stuffed my face then with no shame and i plan on doing the same tonight as well. 

but i specifically remember starting the 'tradition' of asking how we think we did that month. i think that's by far my most favorite thing cause we legit call each other out. 
this morning, i yelled at him for what he did to me in my dreams. LOL 

it all has its ups and downs but it's been a great year with this dude. 
we've been to new places, went back to Arizona again like a hundred times. 
we've gone hiking, we've ate at new different places, we've tried new breweries, we've done double dates with our mom's, he's bought me countless of books, we've made numerous trips to Costco (our Sunday ritual) and soooo many many more things that are escaping me at the moment but i just wanted to say that I'm grateful for this guy!
i can't wait to see what year 3 has in store for us. 


hope y'all have a great rest of your week! (: 


  1. Congrats! I always smile when I see you together on photo's, you just look really happy!

    1. thank you so much!
      thats so nice of you to say! (: <3


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