Q & A {2/7-2/20 2015}

that's a result of me being hoped up on an Horchata Frap. that much sugar will do something to ya!
im all over the place. 
its been a hectic 2 weeks. school and 2 jobs have left me drained and thats still after i adjusted my school schedule so that i could at least sleep in a little mon-weds. 

i have never been so excited to see the last day of February like i am right now. although if im being honest, the way it looks right now, i might need to come in to work on the 28th. sad, but im okay with it face. 

im seriously starting to think that getting a second job miiiiight have been a bad idea BUT if i might add to that, i am soclose to being debt free. well ish. most of my little balances are gone and i only have 2 things to work on so :D 
i think ill keep this 2nd job for just a bit longer. 

anyways, ive ignored this little section for a bit so let's get to it. 

February 7, 2015 {Saturday}
Q: what are three things you need to buy? 
A: 1. my math book 2. new clothes. and for sure 3. black flats
i got my math book. for $100 (insert cringing face) then some girl wanted to sell her copy for $60. i was game. i hit her up and nothing. the day after i FINALLY opened my book, she hits me up. UGH!
i wont be buying clothes anytime soon. 
Chester peed on my black flats a while ago and i have yet to replace em. and that basically comes down to the fact that I HAVE NO TIME!!!!

February 8, 2015 {Sunday}
Q: are you in love?
with my dogs. and like little things in life. but not with like a significant other. but i do love my friends! (: 

February 9, 2015 {Monday}
Q: how late did you sleep?
as in in? maybe like 7. which is me being late because im 'sposed to be at work at 7!
sleeping in now is 8 am which is basically me being late to work. always

February 10, 2015 {Tuesday}
Q: if this day was an animal, which animal would it be? 
A: SNORLAX! the pokemon cause all i wana do is sleep. 
hey! they didnt say a real animal!

February 11, 2015 {Wednesday}
Q: how did you get to work today?
my car! :)

February 12, 2015 {Thursday}
Q: what is your biggest obstacle right now? 
A: my laziness. man i need to shape up!!!

February 13, 2015 {Friday}
Q: whats your favorite question to ask people?
i dont even know! :o
i need to come up with something!

February 14, 2015 {Saturday}
Q: did you kiss someone today?
nope. not a single person. 

does my dog count? yea it does man!

February 15, 2015 {Sunday}
Q: write down the cure for a broken heart. 
A: HA! right after v-day! -.-
honestly, for me, it was time. that shit hits you out of nowhere. one day you wake up and you realized that you've mourned over it juuuuuust enough and you realize that you've survived and you move along. its honestly one of the best feelings out there!!!!

February 16, 2015 {Monday}
Q: what was the last performance or concert you went to?
that NYE's fitz and the tantrum bash but i dont count that cause i saw them perform for all of 2 seconds and then i lost my bunny ears. so i'd say the alt xmas party thing shinding.

never am i going out on my bday to a public thing like that. home i shall stay!
and you BEST believe i found my ears. i have NEVER dropped to the ground so fast in my life!

February 17, 2015 {Tuesday}
Q: if you could change one thing about today, what would it be?
that i was to lazy to go to school on my lunch break to buy my school parking pass. specially because they close at 4 and im off at 6. 

February 18, 2015 {Wednesday}
Q: whats the most expensive thing you are wearing right now?
dang! im late answering this but today it would have to be my Levis. then maybe my green jacket then shoes. 

but actually its shoes then jacket cause i hustled for that jacket!

February 19, 2015 {Thursday}
Q: who is the craziest person in your life?
define crazy. idk. maybe Mon. shes down for her shit. and i! lol 

February 20, 2015 {Friday}
Q: what word did you over use today?
UGH & GAH. (as seen in my last post) when i finished reading that damn book. 

as i finish typing this im down the hall but in front of my door and it is COLD. now i need you to understand that i am a spoiled Californian and when i say cold i mean its 62 degrees and its windy! so kudos to you out there who are seriously braving the cold. 

ill be back shortly with ss!
thanks for reading!

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