Q & A {11/22-28 2014} #36

i dont know whats going on with my phone but it does not want to upload any pictures on to blogger!!!
so this will have to do minus a picture. 

oh Sunday, you were great. 
my mom made me delicious soup and asparagus and im so stuffed i cant even handle it. 

speaking of, she's watching some discovery channel shiz about gangs in jail and the #14. apparently having that number tatted on you in jail will get you basically killed. 
well, now i know. i LOVE the #14 just cause it sounds so i dont know, pretty. but now i know. no tattooing #14 on me any time soon (luckily, i was never planning to!)

Oh Monday, you got here SO FAST!
lets do this!!!!
you're only getting me this.much.closer to my trip to Big Sur. 

lets get started.
....cause im ready to go to bed (insert sleepy emoji)

November 22, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what are you trying to do?
figure out how to get to Vegas early. 
haha. one night trips with Moni; the best!

November 23, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what is your favorite brunch food?
ive never really 'brunched' but id have to guess like omelette's with those little potatoes. yum!

November 24, 2014 {Monday}
Q: who have you recently deleted from your contacts/address book?
uhm....no one recently. it actually takes me a while to delete people and when i do its in a group (like i have THAT many people in my life lol) so its been a looooong while. 
ive added if anything lol 
and there was one person i removed; Tony. just cause i dont need the temptation of texting him. of course i know the # by heart. im sure i will for a long time but im super lazy to type it in. 
hey! whatever works!

November 25, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: how much water did you drink today?
read that wrong! thought it asked how much did you drink today (as in alcohol!) lol uhm about 2 & 1/2 cups maybe. i need to start drinking more water. 

November 26, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: what are three words to describe your family?
loud. crazy. annoying
dogs included! haha

November 27, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: who inspires you?
everyone and everything in every way!

November 28, 2014 {Friday}
Q: what was the last risk you took?
....hhhmmm...when i threw my name out there for a promotion at work!!
and it worked! got me a raise as well!

im off to bed now! and pondering how to transfer pictures so i can upload....cause let me tell you, those CC pictures are probably the best concert pictures ive EVA' taken!

thank you for reading!
buenas noches! :*

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