Q & A {6/7 to 6/13 2014}

i love this little series! :D (its a love hate thing!) 
im at work right now slowly falling asleep. all i needed to do was done within 30 minutes of being here but any who...last weekend i saw NFG finally and i can say that live...theeeey suck! but still!
i loved it. 

last night i hung out with monique, esmeralda & karen and it was loads of fun!
so much to write about!
...hhhmmm. oh yea. i saw the fault in our stars. again!
i think im done til its out on dvd but i still love it. 
i started reading Looking for Alaska by John Green and i cannot wait to go home after work, kick back and read! (: 

okay lets get to it!
im already a day (ish) late!
(to be fair, my cousin chach worked in my brakes yesterday (btw my car has never braked soooo beautifully!!!) so i was carless. Andy picked me up from work at 330 and didnt deliver me home until 10pm....then i left with mon haha! sometimes, life happens!)

June 7, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what do you feel grateful for today?
A: that i have a good job that i actually like and that it allows me to provide for my family and the furry babies. 
i used to hate my job! blah!!!
funny how things change.

 June 8, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what makes you miserable? 
A: man! i dont know. this is a hard one. i dont know how to answer this. maybe my indecisiveness. 
dont give me options. i panic! i HATE that. 

June 9, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what makes a good friend?
A: its not that we talk all the time everyday. its that when we do talk its like no time has passed. 
cheesy ass quote. but true. 

June 10, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: how many cups of coffee did you have today? 
A: 0!!!! i dont drink coffee!!!! hardly!
im not a coffee fiend. its not the first thing i crave in the morning and i only have it when my mom makes it. raaarely!!!

June 11, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: what is your favorite thing to do on a Friday night? 
A: stay home and read! going out every now and then. 
im more of a homebody!
i am a FIRM believer that you are either a party-er or a stay at home person. no matter how hard i try, i cant hang. i love the quiet home life. 
now i feel like going home and watching Gilmore Girls!!!

June 12, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: is something in your way? can you move it? 
A: no. i dont think so. but either way, everything happens for a reason. its there to teach you a lesson & for you to learn from it

June 13, 2014 {Friday}
Q: something that made you worry today ___________.
A: someone asked me what my biggest fear was. my fear is not being near my family when a disaster strikes. to not know if they're okay worries the shit outta me. 
how appropriate that they would ask this on Friday the 13th. 
i think i have learned to not sweat dumb stuff. things happen for a reason and there is nothing that you can do to make it all correct at that exact moment. and i like that. 
stop trying to fix it all at once. let it be what it is so you can see what youre sposed to learn from it!

i cannot wait to be off of work so i can go home and sleep! (and yes i know, those are the consequences for going out and staying up til 5 am drinking beer on the porch talking about hoochies haha!) 

life is great! <3

have a good weekend!

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