Q & A {6/21 to 27/2014}

13 weeks! 
think of all the changes that could have been made! :o 
isn't it crazy how time flies. Monday is the last day of June. 
we are officially in the 2nd half of the year! (i work 1-6 & 7-12)
here come my favorite holidays! :D thanksgiving and Halloween and Christmas!!! eeek!!!
im currently at work just hanging out about to get some serious work done so i wanted to get this out of the way before it gets hectic.....

random stuff just because: 
currently reading: i started this one book i forgot what its called buuuut the new dean koontz comes out Tuesday so im thinking of waiting 
currently listening to: paramore's "im in to you" & "ain't it fun."
currently craving: my usual breakfast. pb&j with banana but i really want soup. that's all i want. soup. any kind of soup. SOUP!!!
currently thinking: about what other currently stuff i could answer buuut im out sooo lets get started! :D

June 21, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: who do you want to know better? 
A: sounds kida corny but...idk whoever im supposed to end up with. i want to travel! where are ya dude!?
i know i know...i said it earlier, enjoy the journey!
or you know what maybe not even that person but just like a really close friend where we can go and just do everything with! (because Jaydeen got married! :P )

June 22, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: whats the last movie you saw in a theather? 
A: 22 jump street, the fault in our stars (twice!) & the edge of darkness! all with whats his face! ;)

June 23, 2014 {Monday}
Q: when was the last time you cried?
A: its honestly been a while. i was trying to force myself not that long ago. i couldnt. unless you count that Thursday that i first saw the fault in our stars!
(i cried yesterday!) woohoo...well you know what i mean. 

June 24, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: whats your next social engagement?
not sure. whatever josh plans. were trying to kidnap and keep her down here
 in California but so far....im not sure how thats working out. however for sure i have the U R Art festival in July then the neighbourhood concert a few days later! :D
im okay with staying home for a bit right now! (:

June 25, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: who is your closest companion?
i don't believe in bff's. time has proven otherwise. as for this. i cant honestly answer. i don't know. maybe my sister. we've gotten closer with time. like shes not a kid anymore. shes now a grown up, that
 i still want to strangle all the time. 

June 26, 2014 {Thursday} 
Q: what is your biggest indulgence? 
A: sleeping. i love sleeping. 
did i answer that right? oh well! :D

June 27, 2014 {Friday}
Q: when was the last time you had pizza? what kind? 
A: a few weeks ago? with my brother and angel. pronto piksa! i LOVE piksa! i want a slice from pin-up pizza from Vegas right now!!! and because we were broke bitches, it was basic pizza. pepperoni and cheese lol!!!

that does it for this week!
time to get to work!
ill be back later with more stuff! <3 
hugs and kisses! <3

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