Q & A {6/14 to 6/20 2014}

im late, im late for a very important date!!! :o
sorry i know im hella late but with all due excuses available to mee...Friday i was super busy at work and as soon as i got out i went straight to my cousins to help her set up for her graduation party. Saturday we partied and Sunday i slept in and went out with my cousins.  and so now here we are!
lets do it to it! :D

June 14, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: did you exercise today? 
A: its 1:33 pm and im falling asleep. the day is not over yet so well see. hopefully. im lazy!!
i didn't. 
although i did go hiking the following Wednesday! :D in the friggin hot heat so haaay!

June 15, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what is your favorite gadget?
A: my phone that i probably use at 5% of its abilities. 

text, email (annoying), calls and netflix (helloooo orange is the new black!) and uhm reading when i buy an ebook! and GPS!!! (see why its my favorite! Go S5!!!0

June 16, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what makes you cynical?
A: hmmm.....
thats as far as i got. 

June 17, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: the best hour of today was ___________. why? 
A: im answering this almost a week late so i cant say much about that now but basically anything after 5 pm! cus haaay no more work!

June 18, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: whats the last meal someone cooked for you? 
A: im not sure but im 100% sure that at the moment this was asked it was my mom!

June 19, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: what was the last personal letter you received? 
A: Gabby, Marquetti & Chris. (: i started this pen pal thing and im excited to say that they have all replied. so now its my turn to get back to them! cant wait!
i also came across a girl from England and were going to start as well! eeek!!!
i also signed up over at mypaperpinwheel.com to get set up with a random person!
im excited about all this snail mail going on!!! (: 

June 20, 2014 {Friday}
Q: write the first sentence of your autobiography. 
A: all my cousins think im crazy for some reason. so something along the lines of....."Leslie was one crazy bitch..."
which i think is true to an extent but ya know. 

all i have been doing (it feels like) is watching orange is the new black. 
i feel like i got suckered in because im on episode 4 of season 2...which means ill soon be joining the likes of other fans who are suffering for season 3. 
go Piper you crazy bitch!

its Monday....i dont have anything planned this weekend but im ready for it!
have an eggcelent week!

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