Q & A {5/3 to 5/9 2014}

5 years guys!
5 years! :0

May 3, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: if you could have one superpower just for today, what would it be? 
A: eeeep! to be invisible! heeellloo no lines at Disneyland! :D

May 4, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: when was the last time you went swimming? 
A: its been a loooong while. maybe at six flags hurricane harbor back in 2013?
i just membered i was in the pool in Vegas! but i didn't swim i was just in there. 
unless you wake up at the crack of dawn, there is no swimming in the pools of Vegas!

May 5, 2014 {Monday}
Q: today was hilarious because ________. 
A: the "etre" video on YouTube that we saw on class! what a joke! (to think! in 4 years im going to be seeing this answer and be like class!?!!!)

May 6, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: what was the last party you went too? 
A: some sort of family party. im sure i just dont know when. unless you count achi's bday weekend in Vegas. oh wait! also my brother's bday party we had at home!

May 7, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: who would play you in a movie about your life? is it a good movie?
A: i don't know. so that should answer how inneresting my life is!

May 8, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: who do you think is cute? 
A: celebrity crush: Michael B. Jordan because YUM!!
see what i mean!?
but like real life....hmm friggin everyone! <3 
im a lover! 

May 9, 2014 {Friday}
Q: what do you want to postpone? 
A: NOTHING! bring it on time!i dont want it to fly but i do want the whole husband and kids thing eventually ya know! :D

how weird these questions are. 
sometimes serious sometimes funny...then they both mix!
Happy Momma's Day weekend y'all!
go hug that special lady (or person) in your life!!!! 

thanks for reading! (: 

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