Q & A {5/10 to 5/16 2014}

you got here fast!
this weekend is going to be awesome!
I'm in a very cheery mood! and i think that that super sweet Starbucks tea has something to do with it!
lets do this!!!

May 10, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: how did you start your day? 
A: yelling at gis not to let the dogs in my room. then i showered and came to work. i am also wearing a dress. so i say pretty freaking awesome!
 i rarely wear dresses that's why!

May 11, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: how do you want to be remembered?  
A: for being awesome & honest! for being the one that always tried. 
in everything. 
i guess this depends on the person you are speaking of. 
most of my friends know me as the book worm and i love nothing more than when people message me anything book related saying that it reminded them of me! <3 <3 <3

May 12, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what are you exploring? 
A: new friendships! Z! that dude is cool. hmm...getting out there more? 
hmm...letting go of things that i know are not going to happen any longer. 

May 13, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: who loves you today? 
A: my mom? the family? no one has literally said it to me today. wahh!
then i tricked my sister into telling me!
haha! score 1 for les!

May 14, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: what makes a good enemy?
A: someone who is upfront about it. 
don't hide it ya know!

May 15, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: what do you consider to be your biggest achievement? 
A: learning to be happy with where I'm at. i may not be where i want to be but I'm in love with it so far. 
there are a few bits and pieces that need work but its all good! 

May 16, 2014 {Friday}
Q: what was your favorite day this week? 
A: today cus Vegas in a few and the lovely Claire Sinclair tomorrow night!!!!! eeeek!
this clearly is not the year for concerts but the year for Vegas!!! :D

im eggcited. 
and next weekend is a 3 day weekend!
cant beat that. 

hope you have an awesome blossom weekend!
thanks for reading! <3 


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