Q & A {4.12 to 4.18 2014}

its already Friday!!!


cannot complain!
lets get started! 
(in all fairness, yes its now Saturday. i know. sorry! cut me some slack. i saw CaptAmerica yesterday. I'm still blown away!)

April 12, 2014 {Saturday}
Q:write down a new fact you recently learned.
A: Butterflies only live for so long. a week i think. they eat, mate, birfth and die! :( 
there is only a species or 2 that lives up to 9 months!
puts a whole new meaning to  "whens the last time you saw a butterfly?" 
(i used to say that all the time)
we have 3 small frames in our bathroom at home that had butterflies in em. 
that's where i learned this! :D
...when i dropped a frame and read the notes in the back. 
see, accidents aren't always bad! 

April 13, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: what is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning? 
A: Sunday is my cleaning day, my laundry day. but i love my hikes on a Sunday morning. 
if i only would stick to it religiously!

April 14, 2014 {Monday}
Q: if you could acquire a talent (without any extra effort), what would it be? 
A: to hold knowledge like a mofo!i love when people talk to me about things I'm not 100% sure of and how sure they are of themselves!

April 15, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: which celebrity would you want to interview?
A: Alive or dead? you know, maybe Edison. 
what the frick happened with Tesla and Topsy. i mean WHY!? 
id probably want to slap him!!!!
because of Topsy. 
speaking of? did you see that bobs burgers episode!? 
lol i love Louise!
she's my spirit aminal! (yea i see what i did there!)

April 16, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: what's a political issue that interests you? 
A: dont think its "political" per say (like #1 issue in America") but i do believe we need to 
reevaluate this whole financial aid thing. people spend it on stupid shit. 
i used to work at forever 21. 
nothing irked me more than having to ring up these little 20 something (pardon my french) little bitches who were buying 2/300 worth of clothes. 
paying with their financial aid money. 
i get it. a little fun okay. 
i just thought it was annoying when they would follow it with: "ugh! i have no money for my books for class. i have no idea how im going to pay for all that."
here's an idea: leave your skank clothes and get yo books!!
(aah! rant much? you know you kind of agree!"

April 17, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: what do you think is your biggest shortcoming? 
A: i dont give myself enough credit. i handle my shit. everything that needs too, gets taken care of. so i should be a bigger fan of myself! <3

April 18, 2014 {Friday}
Q: write down a problem you solved today.
A: i took payroll and kicked its ass! :D
yes. sometimes it can be that simple!
also, i walked in on a lady in the restroom. 
i ran away to avoid any awkwardness! double :D

i read this post yesterday. 
and I'm not sure. 
i think I'm still a little heartbroken. 
i love her! so for me to hear her (erm read) say this, kinda makes me sad because in all honesty from all the blogs i read, shes definitely one of the few i would have love to meet in person one day. 
Le sigh. 

maybe i shouldn't call it "heartbroken". 
maybe that's too harsh of a term (?) 
I'm not sure. 

i just miss her!

thanks for reading. 
hope you have a wonderful weekend!

from my busy desk at work! (sssh!!!)

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