Snapshot Sunday [:

1] man do i luck out with license plates. I'm a no doubt lover too!!!
2] went hiking Monday. that was fun!
3] my first batch (the e took like 3 times) of 3-d printable letters! hop on over to and grab your own!
4]  my brother has me dying over this. my dad bought him a phone at best buy about 4 months ago. 3-4 days before the return date was up it messed up so i told him to get the receipt. he said he didn't have it he asked my sister and she didn't either. 2 days after the return exchange date expired, my sister found the receipt. in her room. the funny thing is, he was beyond mad at me! why I'm not sure. but i guess this is what inspired this organizing spree. haha!!! <3 
5] my new updated key chain!!! i HATE key chains so the fact that a) i want this and b) i was willing to spend $8 meant something. so i simplified and kept only my coachella thingamabob and my new Disney one. I'm SO sad. Oct 13 is just around the corner! :(
6] I've seen gallery walls (is that what they re called?) everywhere and i guess i can say I've always wanted one but i had this going on since before i knew to do that! haha. i had this going on and i didn't even know. 
7] all i ever want to eat is soup. i don't care about the time, day, season or weather. even during summer. 
so this week when i got sick i bought myself some Pho! <3 yumminess all around
8] bought this lil dude at Target for $2. Peter is his name. i loooove this season. once august hits I'm in heaven. i love the holidays!
9] Saturday i woke up at 8 am. i did everything i do on my Sunday's (clean, wash, get ready for the week ahead) by noon i had done all that and some arts and i made this phone cover for my sister! I'm jelly i really like how this one came out!
10] wooohoo!!! Target has buy 1 get the other 1/2 on women's shoes. i ONLY wear flats. my religion is against heels. if jesus wanted me tall, he would've made me tall. haha. i needed new flats so this was a sweet deal. I'd seen these before but I'm so glad i decided to wait!
"good things come to those who wait" 
(in sales anyways!)

since all my stuff got done yesterday, off to six flags i go! 
have a good Sunday ya'll! <3

Happy Birthday Tess!!!

 happy 2?th  birthday Tess!!!!

tony and angel helping set up. not really
he, actually i made the crown. he made the what i call the Rick Ross Cross
happy birthday tess!!!!
we actually "surprised" her at 1130 because she got home from work at that time but still and "surprised" because she somewhat already knew.

we were all there to hug her at midnight on the dot so double win!
here's to many more!!!
and yes. yes that is a mickeys. it was all my brothers idea. my 15 year old brother. 

dog ate my homework

"Man! I finally get my first "B" and Chonchies ate it." -Brother
Aim high my man. Aim high!


Sis: "Bro did you know, If its 10% you're over weight. If its 20% you're obese. They should raise it to 50% so I can be underweight."

I'm laying in bed hating life because I'm sick and this is what she comes to me with.

1 and 2 and 3.

1. [Taking sis to school]
Me: "I wore your glasses yesterday when I went hiking it was cool." I put the glasses back on. "How do I look?"
Sis: "you look beautiful!" (Laughing)
Me: "don't make fun of me b***h."
She just continues to laughs at me and sing applause by Lady Gaga.

2. I bought my brother an iphone because his phone was beat! (I got him the 4 because he ain't worthy of anything fancy & its was $0 down!) I told him if he wanted to keep it he had to keep a cover on it. At. All. Times!
So today we go pick up my sis and I yell at him about the cover and to shut me up: "bro, its not you. Its the sickness. Its okay." Then "drake the kinda dude that when he plays pokemon and it evolves he goes "man, I thought you'd never change. :("

3. [On tv]
A fifa commercial comes on and my sis goes "I heard men are going extinct"
I'm beyond sick so I was seriously shocked,  not sure what I heard, you know, since every day there's a new thing going extinct.
"Yea, grand theft auto five just came out. Fifa's coming out. Call of duty 12 is out. They're nowhere to be found!"
Its true.
We should release a new game every other week.
My brother just got it and he already passed it but for those few days...there was peace at home.

(This was yesterday.  I'm barely posting it today because I passed out sick. I'm at home right now watching bobs burgers.  I ♥ that show!)

Just a thought

"If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin." 
Ivan Turbenev 

LA County Fair {9/21/2013)


an artist sketching! // these cool little plants! i bought one. ill post a picture when i place it in my room!
this guy was making sculptures from scratch! from what i saw this guy was good!


the tiniest horse at the circus. i paid a dollar to see this!
light up shirts for sale!

deliverd! lol i looove that! i love these xmas lights. i was about to make them an offer for them!

the food. oh so much and oh so dangerous! i loved it /wanted to try it all. 



i was invited to the LA County Fair this Saturday and since i've never been (neither to the OC Fair) this was soooo much fun!
all the food, the drinks, the rides, the animals, the shops and the people!
we got there around noon, got a drink and then got on a ride (the only one since ticket prices are crazy!). we walked around, saw the end of a pirate show and then headed to a monkey talk show where we learned all these crazy monkey facts. did you know they cover each other in pee to mark their territory? they pant seeds by eating the fruit and seed and then pooping it out. the rainforest rains then just take care of it & since it rains often, they grow fast. hmm what else, their teeth are crazy clean white since they never eat processed foods. i fell in love with the two little gals above (sisters).

we walked around and saw a few more animals. i even held a snake! EEEKS!!!
we then caught a saw show. two guys were battling it out trying to carve a bunny, then they climbed up a tree to see who would get there first and they finished the show with a log race. that was fun.

we walked around some more, i paid a dollar to see the tiniest horse (see above) it was cool!
we went in shopping centers and then we ate. those ribs were good and my chicken strips looked like it was fish! and the funnel cake wsd good! i didnt eat much because it got to be too sweet for me but what i had was good.

after all that we headed in to another shopping center and that's where i discovered all the art that i posted above. most of it is Thomas Kinkade and the awesome thing is that out of all those i have 2 that are puzzles so i see a collection growing! I'm soo excited.
its a good thing i left my credit card at home otherwise i most likely would have bought EVERYTHING!

we ended up leaving around 930pm.
we didn't get to see all of the fair. according to someone i was with we hadn't seen 1/2 of it. even after what 8 9 hrs! crazy!!!!

it was soooo much fun!
i hear that the OC Fair is a bit smaller but for sure I'm going next year!
this was so much fun.

if you haven't gone yet, go when you get a chance!

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