DIY Happy Birthday Banner

pardon the blue tape. 
my brother went ape on the door. 
over chips. 
not the entire bag. 
just one. 
i know. 

it has been a hectic week from being slammed at work to coming home and being in a super crafty mood so i finally get to post about the birthday banner i made for my sister.
i didnt want to post it for fear of her seeing it (as if she
reads my blog!) and ok, ill admit it.
i accidentally snapchat it to her. even after i made sure a million times that she wasnt tagged. but i failed!
she said she only saw the last 2 seconds but it was a 10 second snap so i totally killed it (way to go les!)

i told her she has to wait until next week for me to get her something because pay day falls then i felt bad that i wasnt going to decorate for her like i did for my mom & tess but it was so easy with them because they were at work so it wasnt hard to decorate freely & risk getting caught.
she's here all day and she only had class the day of her birthday so i couldnt decorate without getting caught and she would obviously know.
she was knocked out sick when i got home from work so i got brainstorming and was was able to make a banner.

i just googled happy birthday banners i believe and it led me to the Martha Stewart website and these templates were the ones that i saw that i really liked.

triangle template

happy birthday letters

other supplies
1) tape
2) black paper
3) hole punch (size of your liking)
4) glue stick
5) yarn or string of your liking (i left mine long to piss her off because she doesnt like it! heehee)

listed above are the links of what i used if you would like to print your own and need the links quick.

i had bought a book of different pattern paper at Michael's for $3.
thats a steal because originally it was $15.
and thats how it was all born!

i just cut the letters and tape them to the paper and cut them from there.
ADVICE: when you cut the letters, tape the letters the correct facing way on the side of paper of your choosing (IF double sided. even if its one sided.) sounds dumb i know but i did it backwards and well when you flip the letter..its backwards! dumb i know. haha. DIY's you live and you learn and you make something awesome! (:

i bought some black paper that i turned in to a scrapbook (more on that later) and i saved all the scraps.
originally i wasnt going to paste them on the black paper but then i saw how it looked and i loved it so i went along with it.

my sister happened to come up on the tiniest hole puncher ever so i just made holes on the side, taped the yarn on the back to secure it and hence the banner was born! :D

it wasnt crazy time consuming.
i did it while watching a house hunters marathon! (i love HGTV! but please stop it with the love it or list it megathons!!!)

i think next year im going to do something ahead of time so im not going crazy trying to plan something and so she wont suspect.
this year i had all of 2 minutes to decorate her door with her leaving to school at 7 and me having to be at work at 8.

we went to dinner later on and had a little cake when we got home.
more on that in a bit!

thanks for reading! (:

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